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X is more than a search engine!  We connect you with resource partners, too.

At, we connect.  We connect to help grow your business.  We've teamed with some great strategic partners to give local businesses the things they need to grow their business. - your one stop connection for all your business needs.


Shelter Insurance

Business Insurance
Life Insurance

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Business Planning and Development

Tennessee Small Business Development Center

Business Plans
Start-Up Consultations
Governmental Assistance

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Office & Event Space


Office NOW


Office and Suites
Co-Working Solutions
Event Space w/Café

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Payment Processing

Sharp Business Solutions

Mobile Payment Solutions
No Cancellation Fees
Free Comparisons

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Accounting & Bookkeeping
Brown, Brown and Associates


Tax Preparation Services
Bookkeeping Solutions
Military Discounts

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Veterans' Resources

Montgomery County Veterans Coalition

Veteran Aid and Assistance
Connects Veteran Focused Organizations

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Mathis, Bates & Klinghard PLLC

Attorney Services
LLC/Partnership Agreements
Wills and Legal Products

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Marketing Merchandise

Brand My Swag

Brand Image Development
SWAG – Advertise your logo on thousands of items!

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Internet Marketing / Web Design

Next Century Consulting

Web Site Creation
Hosting and SEO
In Person Consultations

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(833) Bizvets

(833) 249-8387