Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions about  These may be filtered by clicking on a "Category."  If you don't find your question below, Contact Us and we will get back to you as promptly as possible!

Devices and Apps
Is there a cost to businesses that choose to leave

No – you may cancel at any time and pay no termination fees.

How much does this cost the business or organization that is signed up with

Terrific question.  There is a one-time set-up fee of only $99.95 and an ongoing membership fee of $49.95 – with a portion donated to support the MCVC!

How much does this cost for Veterans, Active Military and their families to use

There is absolutely no cost – zilch!

Can I pay for the service annually?

We currently provide monthly billing as to accommodate our business customer's requests – no yearly payment options are available.  Not that we wouldn't like the money, but this is for our customers benefit.

As a business owner how do I pay for the service?

We have made it easy and simple – you may use your credit card once you are satisfied with your business listing for the set-up fee, and your monthly membership will be auto-deducted from you credit card monthly.

What is my business average cost to promote ourselves on

The cost is literally pennies a day.  Do the math!

What do I need to provide to set up my business listing?

Simply go to HERE and enter the information in our EZ-Business Builder tool.  This can take just a few minutes but remember – the better the graphics, pictures and offers you provide the more activity from customers you will receive!

I need to make a change on my business listing, who do I contact?

That is handled by our business support team, and they may be contacted by email at

How much do I have to pay initially to set up my business listing?

There is a one-time fee of only $99.95 – and this is not charge until you are completely satisfied with your business listing – and once you see all we provide and create we are confident you will be pleased with your investment.  And keep in mind, a portion of this fee is donated to support the Montgomery County Veterans Coalition or other worthy, military related causes!

How hard is it to set-up our Business listing?

We've made it extremely easy!  Go to HERE, fill out the information and provide a hi-quality copy of your logo, pictures or even a video.  We will set up your business listing and make it look amazing!

Do you offer discounts to veteran owned businesses?

Terrific question!  As businesses that are listed are either veteran owned or veteran friendly, we have discounted our pricing such that ANYONE can afford to promote their business or organization through BizVets!

Do I have to set up anything on my phone or computer to use

No! can be accessed on any device that can connect to the internet – whether you are using an Apple, Windows, or Android based system or device.  Simple and easy!

Who works with the veteran and active military consumers to make sure their questions are answered?

Our Customer Support Advocates are dedicated to supporting those customers who use to find veteran owned and veteran friendly businesses and organizations in the area.  They may reach our team at

Who works with the business to identify their questions regarding set up and ongoing support?

Our Business Support Specialists are very effective at answering your questions, and they take great pride in making sure your business listing is attractive, professional and available to customers across the area.  They may be reached at

Who can I speak with if I have questions?

:  If you have questions simply send us an email – address your questions to and we will get back with you promptly!

Is your support division in house or farmed out?

Our customer support is conducted by our development team – we are proud to live, work and support our community – Clarksville, Tennessee!

I want to change my credit card information – how can I do that?

Contact and we will be happy send you a secure link for you to change the billing information associated with the payment option you wish to use.

How do I register a concern regarding one of the businesses listed by

If you have an issue with a business or organization we want to hear from you.  Please contact and we will perform our due diligence and will assist with getting a response to your issue.

How can I make changes to my business information?

If you wish to make changes to your Business Listing Portal please send us an email – address your questions to and we will get back with you promptly!

What devices support – tablets, smart phones or computers?

All three as long as they have an internet connection.

What browsers support

We have tested access across all the common browsers and functions silky smooth and reliably!

Is there a Bizvets.Biz app?

Not at this moment as our portal is simple and easy to use, even on a phone or tablet.  An app will be released in future iterations!

How does look on my smart phone?

We think it looks terrific; however, we are a little bit biased!

Are there usage fees I will be assessed while using

We charge nothing to the consumer.  Your internet service fees are between you and your service provider.

What if I businesses fail to honor the code of conduct regulations?

Businesses who choose to disregard the code of conduct regulations may be terminated at discretion.

How do you confirm I am a veteran owned business?

We ask you to provide a copy of your DD-214 in the business set-up section.  Otherwise, we cannot list you as a veteran owned business.

Do I have to sign a long term agreement as a business owner, and is there a cancellation fee?

No and no – no long term agreements and absolutely no cancellation fees!

Can our agreement be terminated at any time?

You may choose to discontinue your relationship at any time – we simply require the request in writing, and you will be released with no cost penalty.

Can I get a refund if I choose not to proceed?

Even better, we assume all the risk up front – you are not charged a set-up fee until you are pleased with your business listing, and that is a one-time fee which is non-refundable (remember, the majority of these fee is donated to the Montgomery County Veterans Coalition.).  You are billed a monthly subscription moving forward – by cancelling we will no longer assess the monthly fee, yet again, there are no 'refunds'.  In essence – we have kept this low cost and low financial risk to our business partners!

Are there guidelines by which I must conduct interactions between my business and our veteran customers and their families? has adopted a Code of Conduct that businesses and organizations must abide by in order to use our service.  A copy of which is available on under the business section.  Click on Code of Conduct.   Businesses and organizations must read and digitally sign to abide by these guidelines.

Are there any agreements made by consumers when using the tool?

Consumers use our site at their own discretion and there are no sign up forms for consumers.  All we ask is that they are respectful to our veteran owned and veteran friendly businesses and organizations.  All users of our site can view our Terms of Use HERE and you may view our Privacy Statement HERE.

How is marketed to consumers and businesses?

Currently we employ several outreach strategies – with word of mouth and viral marketing providing us a large part of our support, which we call 'Bizz-Buzz'.  We also have the support of several organizations that actively promote the good we are doing in creating a new and effective marketing tool which is also very cost effective to businesses and absolutely free to veteran consumers.  Print, Facebook, other social media avenues are used; however, the best marketing we can hope to find is from you our advocates.  Please post us on your Facebook wall, share with other businesses, and help play a vital role in the revolution!

Can I help introduce potential business customers to

We would welcome any referrals you can provide!  If you have a relationship with a business owner and would like to refer them to use, simply contact us at and we will work to earn their trust and bring them exceptional value!

Can I buy additional advertising space on

This is an enhancement we are exploring to accommodate businesses and organizations who wish to make a greater impact to customers – yet we have to make sure that the spirit of is not compromised.  We want to help all businesses – large or small – achieve success in connecting with veterans and their families.

Am I correct that some of the proceeds are donated to support local non-profit organizations friendly to veterans and active military?

You are 100% correct.  As an example, we donate a significant amount of the revenue to organizations such as the Montgomery County Veterans Coalition.

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