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Mission Statement is an online resource that connects active duty military, veterans, and their families to service organizations and businesses committed to serving their needs within the local community.  Our Bizfinder is a simple, effective, and convenient tool consumers may use to identify and connect with service organizations and businesses who are either veteran friendly or veteran owned.  This service is also unique as it implements a best practices standard designed to provide active duty military, veterans, and their families a level of confidence that their status as military affiliated families will be acknowledged, valued, and honored.  The system we employ is governed by our code of conduct, which every service organization and business must review, understand, and agree to abide and operate under.

What is our Code of Conduct?

Our Code of Conduct serves two purposes.  First, by establishing clearly defined best practices for organizations and businesses when dealing with active duty military, veterans, and their families we can provide a level of confidence that this segment of our population will receive services and support catered to the unique needs of this segment of our community. accepts only organizations and businesses who have a real connection to those affiliated with the military.  Only organizations and businesses that have identified themselves as Veteran Owned or Veteran Friendly will be allowed membership within  Additionally, the reviews which will be displayed from our membership will be from active duty military, veterans, and their families – thus promoting the integrity of the status of each business.  Few other services can make this claim, or are focused on serving the needs of active duty military or veteran families.

Second, our code of conduct has been established to assist service organizations, veteran owned and veteran friendly businesses achieve success when dealing with this segment of our community.  By assisting these organizations in understanding the needs of our active duty military and veteran families, promoting best practices when servicing these customers, helping identify offers and services that are truly directed towards the military families in our community, is actively assisting in the growth of successful business in our community.  Organizations and businesses that embrace our code of conduct may discover such ‘rules of engagement’ between service provider, business, and veteran customer will promote ongoing business as well as strong referral activity.  Additionally, our code of conduct is a transparent document which is made available for all to see, and has been reviewed by the consumer affairs branch of the army.

As you can see, is committed to providing an honest, effective, and simple resource to bring active duty military and veterans, as well as their families together with the service organizations and businesses committed to not only meeting their needs, but who have also committed to operate in a transparent and military friendly fashion.

The following six items constitute our ‘best practices’ for service organizations and businesses to grow successful relationships with hundreds, perhaps thousands or more customers in your local market.  We have divided our Code of Conduct into 6 headings, or items.  Each Item has one to three short sentences outlining the actionable aspects of our code of conduct, and we conclude with a short paragraph that reviews the ‘spirit’ of the item in question.

If you have questions regarding our code of conduct, we would be happy to clarify our position - please submit them to

Item 1 - Veteran and Active Duty Sales and Support Culture

  1. Active Duty Military, Veterans, and their families must be treated with respect, consideration for their sacrifices both past and present, and recognized as a valuable segment of our community – both as customers and as employees.
  2. Our organization recognizes this segment of the community, and works to create an environment within our organization or business to acknowledge the needs, concerns and issues that may exist with our Active Duty Military, Veterans, and their families.
  3. We will establish a sales and support culture within our organization or business to insure active duty military, veterans or their families – whether they are customers or employees – will be respected, appreciated, and made to feel welcome.

Establishing a veteran friendly/active duty military friendly culture within your organization or business should occur before your first customer walks through your door.  Begin by looking at your organization – identify those employees who are also themselves either an active-duty military, veteran, or family member and help them understand our mission – to support them, and to address their unique needs, concerns and issues.  Also educate your employees as to the unique offers and services you will provide exclusively to active duty military, veterans and their families.  You may wish to assign one person in your organization as the liasson – whether it is the owner, manager, or key contact who will be dealing with users.  This person should be active in making sure the offers, services, and discounts (if any) afforded by the business to our active duty military, veterans, or family members are accurate, legitimate, and authentic.

Item 2 - Veteran Owned versus Veteran Friendly Status

  1. Veteran owned businesses will be identified as such, and those businesses must provide proof of their status via an authentic and current DD-214 form.
  2. Veteran friendly businesses will NOT carry the Veteran Owned Business designation, yet will be able to promote their service organization and business to active duty military, veterans, and their families the same as Veteran Owned Businesses.
  3. Both the Veteran Owned and Veteran Friendly Businesses must abide by the Code of Conduct, with Veteran Owned Businesses having one unique advantage – that they may be searched by Veteran Owned Businesses Only in our Bizfinder search engine. is aware that many active duty military, veterans and their families wish to identify service organizations and businesses that cater to their unique needs – either by military defined services, military discounts, or those who simply respect the sacrifices made by those affiliated with serving our country.  We also wish to assist veterans who are attempting to launch their own business after being discharged from active duty.  In this way, and by promoting these businesses in a unique fashion, we are attempting to connect you with this untapped market – and doing so in such a way that has not been successfully attempted before.  Additionally, we are also aware that thousands, perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands of active duty military, veterans and their families populate local communities across our nation.  By identifying businesses and service organizations committed to serving their unique needs, we provide a much needed service that may help grow our local economy to the benefit of all.

Item 3 - Active Duty and Veteran Friendly Offers, Support, and Discounts

  1. Services that are identified as being applicable only to Active Duty Military, Veterans and their families MUST be legitimate and authentic offers, available ONLY to this demographic of our community, NOT to everyone.
  2. Discounts that are offered to Active Duty Military, Veterans and their families MUST be legitimate and authentic offers, available ONLY to QUALIFIED members of this demographic of our community, NOT to everyone.
  3. Aspects of the services you provide to Active Duty Military, Veterans or and their families that are perceived as ‘Veteran Friendly’ yet are not EXCLUSIVE to this demographic may be promoted, yet should not be listed as pertaining ONLY to this section of our community.

Businesses and Organizations who are seeking to attract Active Duty Military, Veterans and their families are encouraged to provide attractive and accurate information under their business listings in hopes of attracting an outreach from a consumer.  Offers which are only available to this demographic are encouraged – with service organizations identifying the services they provide, and businesses showcasing their products and services.  Yet it is CRITICAL that when products, discounts, and services listed as ONLY AVAILABLE TO ACTIVE DUTY, VETERANS, and their FAMILIES be legitimate.  Discounts provided to the military, if identical to those offered to the general public, must not be advertised as available ONLY TO THOSE AFFILIATED WITH THE MILITARY.  Take time to identify your offers, discounts, and services in a simple and attractive fashion.  If you offer discounts, products or services just to this demographic then by all means share this on your site.  Above all else, act ethically and do not promote fictitious products, offers, or conduct unfavorable business practices.  Such activities will result in censure and removal from the Bizfinder system and may result in expulsion from our service.  Furthermore, we work with several branches of the military, and acknowledge their efforts to reduce interactions between Active Duty Military, Veterans, and their Families with unsavory businesses, such as those found on the ‘black lists’ identified on a base, camp, or fort designation.

Item 4 - Commitment to Excellence regarding Products and Services provided to Active Duty Military, Veterans, and their Family Members

  1. As a Service Organization, Veteran Owned Business or Veteran Friendly Business, it is our commitment to provide the best possible products and services to our Active Duty Military, Veterans, and their Family Members.
  2. Offers, discounts, and services (service and product based), that are IDENTIFIED as available ONLY to this segment of the community shall be precisely that – and will not be made available to those who are NOT PART OF THIS GROUP.
  3. Businesses and Service Organizations who are members of will commit themselves to continually monitor their actions with Active Duty Military, Veterans and their Families to improve both service quality and value to our military affiliated members of the community.  Additionally the business sales professional, business management, or business ownership will take all possible steps to address a customer’s needs and concerns if an issue arises with hopes of satisfying all parties concerned. understands that to achieve our mission all team members must fulfill their roles professionally and with great commitment, or collectively we will fail to achieve our goals.  We ask and expect our service organizations and businesses to conduct themselves ethically, with great consideration for the demographic we seek to serve.  Each organization and business agrees to self-monitor their actions, promotions, and even interactions such that a outreach may result in not only a new customer, but also a potential advocate relationship that may drive other sales and/or service customers to you.  Being committed to provide the best quality service, superior products, authentic discounts, and ongoing follow-up will pay dividends both in growth and profitability.  Additionally, please understand will also be available to assist with questions and may be asked to assess service quality issues that could result in a service organization or businesses being removed from our services.  Please self-monitor your activities and stay committed to excellence – your rewards will be significant!

Item 5 - Concerns, Issues and Complaints

  1. Concerns, Issues and Complaints that are not resolved between a customer and the service organization or business may be brought to attention.
  2. is a resource to connect Active Duty Military, Veterans, and their Families together with Service Organizations and Businesses – it is not our role to act as an intermediary or negotiate between parties if there are service issues.
  3. HAS THE RIGHT to terminate our relationship with any service organization, veteran owned business or veteran friendly business IF their actions (or interactions) with customers demonstrates a reasonable doubt as to the commitment of said organization or business to operate in good faith within the boundaries set forth by our code of conduct.

Not every service or sale that occurs between a business and a customer ends on a happy note.  Yet must encourage every service organization and business to make every attempt to satisfy a customer if that customer is dissatisfied with their service, purchase, or interaction.  We acknowledge that we cannot compel our service organizations or businesses to accommodate every customers wish, nor can we insist additional attempts be made to come to a resolution if an issue arises.  We can, and do maintain, the right to review concerns, issues and complaints and will make every reasonable attempt to notify you of issues we are made aware of, and if in so doing, we at find an unwillingness to provide an attempt to assist the customer in good will, or to attempt to at least try to resolve the issue, we may choose to remove you from our Bizfinder and terminate our working arrangement.  This would of course be our last recourse, and will do everything in our power to assist you throughout the process.  All we ask is that you, the business owner or service provider, make every reasonable attempt to address a customer’s concerns and resolve their issues in a mutually beneficial way.

Item 6 - Communication and Cooperation

  1. promotes transparency and is committed to maintaining effective communication with our service organizations, veteran owned businesses and veteran friendly businesses.  We ask that you, in kind, keep a similar commitment.
  2. In the event we need to contact you, our information must be up to date and current.  We ask if you change your location, email, phone number or key contact person this information is communicated to use within a reasonable period of time (3 business days).  In this fashion, we can serve your needs and provide that superior level of service you desire.
  3. Information on your business listing will be accurate and current, and you will advise of any issues or service offer changes as soon as possible (3 business days). 
  4. Correspondence between the service provider or business and the potential customer will be prompt and communication between you and your customers will be maintained in a professional, prompt, and courteous manor.

Active, prompt and effective communication between all parties –, our service organizations and business members, as well as the thousands of active duty military, veterans and their families who use our service is crucial in achieving our mission.  It is this spirit of cooperation which must be our key consideration in establishing our service as a robust, cost effective and ever evolving resource to benefit the three pillars of our mission – you, your customers and our organization.  We thank you for acknowledging your critical role in the success of our truest desire – to provide the best resource to connect military centric organizations and businesses with the untapped market of military affiliated families in your community.

This concludes our Code of Conduct discussion.  You will be asked to abide by these tenants, and when you submit your business listing questionnaire you will be agreeing to abide by these guidelines when dealing with customers as a result of the resources provided by


Final thoughts regarding our mission, and most importantly, a word of thanks

Thank you for taking time to review and implement our code of conduct.   We encourage you to share this document with your staff, whose support will be a key to our mutual success.  Establishing ‘best practices’ is critical to insure the integrity of our program, and this one aspect alone significantly differentiates our service from others you may have seen in the marketplace.

Our code of conduct has been developed in cooperation with several agencies serving the military.  It is effective across several levels, and is confident that if all parties adhere to our Code of Conduct, the results may result in hundreds or even thousands of potential customers from an untapped market - our Active Duty Military, Veterans and their Families – eager to connect with veteran owned and veteran friendly companies across your community.

Equally significant is our commitment to surpassing your needs while operating with one low monthly membership fee – while charging NO FEES to those active duty military and veterans who use our service.  We make a compelling argument for customers to at least try our service –and if you fulfill your part of the mission, our mutual growth is assured.

To our early adopters, you have our deepest gratitude regarding your decision to support our efforts – and as a portion of the revenue generated supports non-profit organizations in our community, your participation also goes a long way to benefit our community in other ways. 

And finally, we welcome all constructive feedback regarding how we can improve our service to you, our valued service and business members.  Our service will grow, and your support and feedback is crucial.  As reached new communities and markets, we hope our value increases exponentially for all our customers – especially our service and business partners.

When asking our business support team, they have recently adopted a new motto: – providing new veteran customer relationships is just a click away!  We like the sound of that!

All our best…the Development Team

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